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What are the special features of your school ???
With the world-class infrastructure at GKP we have thematic rooms based on concepts that enable a child to associate with, acknowledge and learn from the environment. The concept rooms give a live & life experiences simultaneously with the help of Doll Room, Gym Arena, Dining Room, Ball Room & many more. The ambience provided at GKP attracts the little ones and the excellent staff at our schools, welcome them with the open heart and tender guidance. With our own curriculum and own books that have been composed exclusively for GKP by. In addition, we not only have our own books & set curriculum but also, GKP are equipped with Smart Class which makes our school a smart school where we raise & develop smart students.
Do you provide mid-day meal ???
We do not officially provide mid-day meal.
What is the student teacher ratio ???
We understand the need of maintaining this ratio that is why most of our schools maintain the ratio of 12:1 i.e., 1 teacher for every 12 student or less. With this kind of ratio, our teachers ensure that no any child is left out and they are able to give equal attention to all students present in the class.
What are the school timings ???
The school timings of our school run for 3:30 hours during the morning hours(9 AM to 12:30 PM).Unless it is not a Day Boarding School.
How do you prepare children for formal school ???
Providing the base of life at GKP, we prepare each child for their later life by introducing the academics to them. It includes everything, which a child requires to know before he/she joins any formal school like color concepts, phonetics, alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, etc. Along with these, we also focus on building their social skills by giving them the overall development. We boost their confidence, emotional security etc. that they will need the most in their later life after GKP.
When can I visit the school ???
You can visit the school from 11:00a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Only on Saturday. You are also welcome to take a tour of the school and acquire first-hand information about the facilities and infrastructure.
Application Process ???

What is the procedure for admission to the entry Level

Parents are required to apply for admission in the prescribed forms, duly filled along with the Registration and Prospectus Fee paid by cash at the school reception.The following documents need to be attached with the form.

  • Photographs: 5 passport sized photographs of the child, 1 photograph of each parent and 1 photograph of the guardian.
  • Birth Certificate: Copy of birth certificate.
  • School Reports: Copies of the previous year and current year reports for admission in Nursery and upwards.

The school reserves the right to admit the children found eligible for admission.

When does your academic session begin and end?

The academic session begins in April and ends in the subsequent year March.

Is there a dead line for applying?

Yes, there is a deadline to apply for your child. The admissions depend upon the availability of seats. Admissions are on first come first serve basis.

How is the school fee payable?

  • The school fee is payable by cash or cheque in the prescribed format available from the school.
  • In case of availing the school transport service, the fee shall be payable in the bank by cash or cheque in the prescribed fee booklet.
Communication ???
  • School Website
  • Regular P. T.M
  • Appointment can be fixed between 1 PM to 2 PM
What is the security provided at the school ???
The security staff is deployed at the school main gate and strict vigilance is maintained for the safety of the students at all times through the Online CCTV cameras.
Transport Facility ???
The school has a fleet of vans catering to Upto 4 Km from School.

Admission Enquiry Form

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