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The Franchisee division of Global Kids Pride is a specially designed initiative by the Founder that focuses on getting partners to start Global Kids Pride centers all across the India enabling Kids Education to have an even bigger reach.

We are very aware of the fact that the only way the franchisees will be successful in the long run is by delivering quality education. We make sure that this is done by handholding the franchisee from launch to success. The Global Kids Pride franchise centers are provided with easy to understand manuals for every aspect of operating a Global Kids Pride center such as Ambience docket, Accounts docket, Marketing docket, Events docket etc. Our award winning curriculum that is being followed in all our Global Kids Pride centers across India is also given to the franchise centers and we ensure that it is followed.

The franchise center teachers, center head and the owner as well are given regular extensive training by our academic experts and are always available to support in any way possible.

For any queries, please contact our Principal at +91 991 009 5541 / 921 372 6455 or Email at

Established in 2005, the Global Kids Pride Group is one of the most established school brands in Delhi. Global Kids Pride is among the fastest growing school networks in the Delhi today and by starting a Global Kids Pride franchise center, you will get a chance to join a well respected educational network with 11 years of experience in the field of education.

Global Kids Pride has more than 10 years of experience in the Franchise sector.

The key reasons for the success that Global Kids Pride have achieved are its structured curriculum, focus on innovation, and strong commitment to delivering quality education with integrity.

There are several advantages of being a part of the GKP family:

  • Be a part of a brand that has been in the field of education for 11 years.
  • Extensive and personalized support from an established educational brand resulting in a higher success rate.
  • Hand-holding by Franchisee Supervisors who play the role of ‘MENTOR’ and are the contact point for day-to-day queries/support.
  • Unique ‘Add-On’ revenue models ensure maximisation of the premise utilization, therefore enhancing the ROI.
  • Regular e-mail contact/support/encouragement/new ideas from Academic/marketing Departments of Franchisee Cell.
  • Easy simple reporting formats to help ensure every Global Kids Pride Centre maximises potential.
  • Continual ‘event’ support for all celebrations.
  • Unique ‘parental involvement ideas/techniques to help establish ‘Centre’ through local ‘buzz’.
  • We will provide the franchisee with detailed manuals for every operational need of the center.
  • We will provide trusted vendors to the franchisee in the purchase of admission kits, uniforms, furniture etc.
  • Extensive academic support will be given to the franchisee as we will provide them with our research based curriculum and detailed session plans, which is continuously updated by our academic team at the corporate office.
  • Teacher’s guidelines for curricular and extracurricular activities will be provided.
  • Transport training support will be given if required.
  • We will provide the franchisees with school management software’s and provide training on the same.
  • Unique Admission Kit designed to facilitate education process invlolving child, parent and the individual ‘Centre’.
  • Regular additional ‘revenue generating’ ideas ideated for ‘Centres’ including mechandising, camps, clubs, extension courses etc.
  • Regular academic meets / updates/ audits to ensure best practices / high standards.
  • Progress reports to analyse feedback, sport shortcomings / weaknesses.
  • Extensive word of mouth publicity will be generated through our already existing schools.
Space Required 1000 - 1500 square feet
Investment 5 to 5.5 Lakh Rupees
Brand Fee 1.5 Lakh Rupees
Total Project Cost 6.5 Lakh Rupees
Royalty 20%
Brand Upgradation Fee ₨ 50,000 per year applicable from the third year
Term of Franchisee 20 years
Return of Investment 1 year 9 months
Centre Head Definitely required to ensure teacher adhere to quality standards
Assistant teachers Atleast 2 float teachers
Main teachers Minimum 1 main teacher per class
Maid 1 per 20 children
Batch Timing Atleast 2 hours for playschool & nursery and atleast 3 hours for KG
Fees Minimum 1000 per month
Additional revenue earning programs to run,
given free with franchise but with royalty
  • Brain bear mother toddler
  • Brain bear toddler
  • Happy achievers club-evening classes or Saturday classes.
  • Summer Camp
  • Winter Camp
  • Merchandise for sale
  • Other tie ups for activity classes
Age Group
  • 2 - 3 yrs - Play School
  • 3 - 4 yrs - Nursery
  • 4 - 5 yrs - KG

Franchise Information

What he should put in over the years ?

Every Franchisee plays a key role building a bigger business…

How do you succeed making your Global Kids Pride Centre the most sought after pre-primary school in your area ?

Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Must visit the ‘Centre’ every day and stay in touch with key staff members.
  • Must hire quality ‘Staffers’ to make the Centre a qualified success.
  • Publicity and Promotion is the key to the success and establishment of your business.Unique ideas and material will be supplied.
  • You cannot ‘save’ on promotion.
  • Essential to plough back at least 20% of annual profits into the business to retain dynamism and leadership position.
  • Must be in sync & committed to ‘brand’ philosophy / architecture / practices.
  • Be ready to expand / grow with a dynamic thrust / commitment.
  • Be alert / proactive / aware of competitor mindset/plans/promotions.
What happens after signing the franchise agreement till your opening date ?
  • Once an agreement is signed the franchise attends a 2 day franchise orientation.
  • Key operations dockets, videos are handed to franchise.
  • Franchise details are put up on
  • Franchise starts work at centre and procures the toys and other equipment as given in investment docket.
  • Franchise appoints centre head and staff.
  • Franchise sets a date for the launch and also selects a good chief guest.
  • Franchise staff is trained for set up and launch.
  • Franchise starts local publicity.
  • Franchise fee structure is finalised.
  • Franchise bank account is set up.
  • Franchise keeps all printing material ready.
  • Franchise starts admissions.
  • Franchise staff is trained on curriculum and receives copies of all curriculum.
  • Franchise receives Business Commencement Certificate from franchisor if centre and staff is ready.
  • Franchise launches the centre.
  • Franchise starts operations, orders admission kits.
  • Franchise hand holding continues to ensure success of centre.
  • Franchise is trained on all other programs that are revenue models of the brand.
  • Franchise starts all other revenue models.

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