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Play Group

Age Group – 2 to 3 year

At Global Kids Pride play school children learns by playing. In our play school, we provide safe, secure and healthy environment. We create activities for children to learn by their own observation and imagination to increase their language, writing and reading skills. Global Kids Pride provides smart classes also, in which children’s are self motivated to learn with audio visual poem, stories etc. Activities that we are providing are to improve motor skills, psychological, intellectual and emotional skills of children, Our curriculum has set of activities which are systematically designed for little ones. All the classes of school are spacious, air-conditioned, beautifully designed, child friendly ambiance. We celebrate birthday of children with lot of enthusiasm and joy in party area. At Global Kids Pride we identify strengths, weaknesses and multiple intelligence of kids and counsel parents how to convert weakness of their kid into strength. We believe that every human being is genius. It is the most appropriate way of teaching and learning to enhance the sense of value of life and happiness.

Global Kids Prides Playschool is situated at Yamuna Vihar, is equipped with all the latest facilities that any parents would dream of for their little one. Global Kids Pride is the dream child of our Principal who has build up this school out of her passion and love for children.

We have teachers who have undergone a rigorous interview and training. Our full staff members undergo training at a regular interval of time in handling small children. We also have good experienced Nannies who always take care of children with a smile on their face.

Keeping tomorrow’s competition in mind Global Kids Pride has excellent and best curriculum for children which help them to get admission in formal & prestigious school. Our school has airy class room with CCTV cameras. The toys that we use are child friendly. Lot of care is taken regarding hygiene and cleanliness of the environment. Global Kids Prides is a Play school where Multiple Intelligence Test is also done which enables the parents to nurture their child with more care.

The age from 1year 6 months to 4 year is very crucial and full of curiosity as for them each and every thing is new. This is the age where the grasping and learning power of a child is maximum. Keeping this in mind we also have various after School Activities which children really love and enjoy. Global Kids Prides have Art and Craft, Abacus, Calligraphy, dance & music etc .

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